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Add a Mobile ID user

A Mobile ID user is a person that is allowed to use the Mobile ID app on their phone to interact with readers in your project. You can add users manually one by one. For a later version, a CSV import is planned so multiple users can be added at a time.

If you as the administrator want to use the Mobile ID app as well, you need to add yourself as a user.

To add a user:

  1. Log in to the admin web application Mobile ID Manager.
  2. In the Users section, click Add user at the top right.
  3. Enter the user's details.

    What is the ID?

    This ID is read by the reader when the user presents their phone.

    • If the user has a physical ID card as well and you don't want to distinguish between card and phone use, enter the card ID as it's specified in the access control system.

    • If the user does not have a physical ID card, or you do want to distinguish between card and phone use, enter an ID of your choice and specify it in the access control system as well, if needed via a second entry for that user.

  4. Click Add User & Send Invitation.

"Add user" dialog in BALTECH Mobile ID Manager

What happens next?

The user is added to the list with status Invitation sent.

User with status "invitation sent" in BALTECH Mobile ID Manager

They'll receive an invitation e-mail with instructions to download and activate the Mobile ID app. The invation works for 1 phone and is valid for 7 days. Once the user has activated the app, their status will switch to Active (learn more about statuses).

To view the status change, reload your browser or log out and in again (see known issue).

The invitation e-mail looks like this:

Example invitation e-mail for BALTECH Mobile ID