Create ConfigCard

With a BALTECH ConfigCard, you can easily distribute a configuration to readers without having to connect them to your computer. Just place the card in front of a reader, and the configuration on the card will be deployed. This is especially useful for readers that are firmly installed and are thus difficult to connect to a computer.


  • A blank ConfigCard that you can order from us. If you already have a ConfigCard you no longer need, you can overwrite it with a new configuration.
  • The configuration in BALCFG format. Using a BEC file is currently not possible.

Load the configuration on the ConfigCard

  1. Connect a test reader to your computer.
  2. Open BALTECH ConfigEditor.

    If you haven't installed it yet, you can download it herecall_made as part of BALTECH ToolSuite.

  3. Open your BALCFG configuration file.
    Screenshot: Open a BALCFG configuration file in BALTECH ConfigEditor

  4. Click Deploy Config > Create ConfigCard.
    Screenshot: ConfigCard dialog in BALTECH ConfigEditor

  5. Place a BALTECH ConfigCard on the reader.
    The configuration is transferred to the card. When you see the success message, you can take the card off the reader and use it to deploy the configuration to other readers.

  6. Label the ConfigCard with the project name as shown on the screen so you can easily identify the card's content later. The numbers on the label are only relevant for configurations ordered from BALTECH (learn more).

Finalize your configuration

It's possible to load your configuration on a ConfigCard while the configuration is still in draft mode, e.g. for test purposes. However, once you're happy with the configuration, we highly recommend you finalize it as this helps you distinguish draft versions from productively deployed versions later.