Create a new configuration file

To define the behavior of your readers, you need a configuration. You can create one yourself as described here or order a configuration from us.

  1. Open BALTECH ConfigEditor.

    If you haven't installed it yet, you can download it herecall_made as part of BALTECH ToolSuite.

  2. In the popup window, click New.
    Screenshot: Create a new draft in BALTECH ConfigEditor

  3. Enter Administrative Information.
    This information helps you retrieve and manage the configuration later.

    • Enter a Name for your project, e.g. the name of the building in which the readers will be installed.
    • Don't enable Follow Baltech Naming Convention.
      This is only relevant for configurations ordered from BALTECH (learn more).
    • Add a Description, e.g. a short summary of the intended reader behavior.
    • Click Save icon to save.

      Please keep the addition -DRAFT as part of the file name because it will help you keep track of your versions later.

Your configuration is saved as a BALCFG file. This is the editable format of your configuration. Now you can add components to it, e.g. project settings and device settings.

Password protection

As an option, you set a password to encrypt the BALCFG file. We highly recommend you do this when you want to send the file to someone else for further editing, especially if you've already added project or security settings. To set a password, click File > Set Password. Please transmit the password via a different channel than the configuration, e.g. via SMS or on the phone.