Edit a configuration

When you want to make changes to an existing configuration, you have 2 options depending on your goal. In both cases you need the configuration as a BALCFG file.

Create a new version

Use this option to update a configuration that you want to keep using for the same project. A typical use case is to fix a configuration bug or change an encryption key.

You can deploy a new version to your readers without removing the previous one.

Derive and edit a copy

Use this option in the following cases:

  • You want to use an existing project configuration for a similar project.
  • You've ordered a configuration template from us.
  • You've received an initial configuration e.g. from you host system provider and need to add or change settings.

A derived configuration cannot be used to overwrite an existing configuration. So if a different configuration is already stored on the reader, you need to do a factory reset first.

Can I read out a configuration or edit a BEC file?

It is possible to read out a reader's configuration for support purposes, but you cannot edit and save it back. Likewise, you cannot edit a BEC file either. To edit a configuration, you need the original BALCFG file. If you bought the reader with a pre-existing configuration, please get in touch with us, so we can provide the BALCFG file to you.