Package configuration and firmware version

A reader's behavior is not only defined by its configuration, but also by its firmware version. That's why it makes sense, especially for large reader quantities, to tie a configuration to a certain firmware version and deploy them as a package. Thus, you ensure a defined behavior across all your devices and also speed up the deployment process.

Create package

  1. Finalize your configuration.
  2. Create a ZIP file containing the configuration in BEC format and the firmware.
  3. We recommend you rename the file extension to BF2PKG.
    Then you can just double-click it, e.g. in Windows Explorer or an e-mail client, and it will open right in BALTECH Uploader.

Deploy package

Deploy the package as a whole via USB using BALTECH Uploader. The process is the same as for an individual configuration or firmware file - no extra steps required.