Transfer a BALCFG configuration file to a reader

To test a configuration with your host system or configure an Ethernet reader with a static IP address, transfer the configuration to the reader as follows:

  1. Open the configuration file (BALCFG format) in BALTECH ConfigEditor.
  2. Connect the reader to your computer.
  3. Click Deploy Config > Transfer configuration to reader.
  4. Click the reader, then click Select.

    • If several interfaces are shown for the reader, please select HID.
    • Connecting an Ethernet reader currently only works in maintenance mode or with PKI encryption (learn more).

    Screenshot: Select a reader in BALTECH ID-engine Explorer

  5. The configuration is transferred to the reader.
    Once completed, you'll see the following message:

    Screenshot: Transfer of configuration from BALTECH ID-engine Explorer to reader is complete

    What's draft mode?

    Configurations in draft mode are meant for temporary use until testing is completed. Once you have a version ready for release, finalize it before handing it over to any other stakeholders or deploying it productively. This helps you distinguish drafts from released versions and adds encryption, so the configuration is protected during transmission to other devices.

    For static IP configurations, finalization isn't needed.