§ brp_Sys_GetInfo()

brp_errcode brp_Sys_GetInfo ( brp_protocol  protocol,
char **  Info,
brp_mempool mempool 

This command retrieves the firmware string of the reader, which holds information about the reader firmware and serial number. It has the following format:

1xxx nnnnnnnnn r.rr.rr dd/dd/dd ssssssss

_1xxx_ ID of firmware (4 digits)
_nnnnnnnnn_ Name of firmware (9 alphanumeric characters/spaces)
_r.rr.rr_ Release of firmware (major release, minor release, build ID)
_dd/dd/dd_ Date of release
_ssssssss_ Serial number of reader (8 digits)

The combination of ID and release uniquely identifies any firmware version. You can use this information e.g. to retrieve the firmware in our download area.

[in]protocolused to execute the command
[in]mempoolis used to store response data. Maybe NULL to use an internal mempool, in this case the data is only available until another command uses the internal mempool