Device / Keypad / SpecialKeySettings Value

This value describes the behaviour of special keys like the star ('*') and the sharp ('#') keys.



Name Type/Size Description
Settings Enumeration (8 bits) Values:
  • StarSharpCorrect (0x00)
    Star and Sharp keys are used to delete the last entered digit from the internal character buffer. This is the default behaviour if not specified.
  • StarSharpTerminate (0x01)
    Star and Sharp keys are used to finish entering a PIN. The digits in the internal character buffer are send to host.
  • Raw (0x02)
    Star and Sharp are both added to the internal character buffer as is without any special transformation or additional action.
  • StarClearSharpTerminate (0x03)
    Star and 'ESC' key will delete the internal character buffer. Sharp and 'OK' key will finish entering a PIN and send the already entered data to the host.
  • DipSwitch (0xFF)
    The behaviour depends on the dip switch.