Device / VhlSettings / MaxBaudrateIso14443A Value

This value is deprecated. Do not use it in new code as we may remove it in the future!

When VHLSelect / autoread detects a Iso14443/A card it negotiates the send and the receive baudrate automatically. Usually it tries to communicate as fast as possible (that means as fast as the card is supporting). If the performance shall be limited (i.e. due to HF instabilities) this value can be used to set a Maximum value for DSI (=reader to card baudrate) and DRI (=card to reader baudrate).



Name Type/Size Description
MaxBaudrateIso14443 Enumeration (8 bits) Values:
  • Dri106Dsi106 (0x00)
  • Dri212Dsi106 (0x01)
  • Dri424Dsi106 (0x02)
  • Dri848Dsi106 (0x03)
  • Dri106Dsi212 (0x04)
  • Dri212Dsi212 (0x05)
  • Dri424Dsi212 (0x06)
  • Dri848Dsi212 (0x07)
  • Dri106Dsi424 (0x08)
  • Dri212Dsi424 (0x09)
  • Dri424Dsi424 (0x0A)
  • Dri848Dsi424 (0x0B)
  • Dri106Dsi848 (0x0C)
  • Dri212Dsi848 (0x0D)
  • Dri424Dsi848 (0x0E)
  • Dri848Dsi848 (0x0F)