Project / VhlSettings / HandleLegicCTCAsSinglePrimeTransponder Value

This parameter allows to enable a special handling for Legic CTC4096 transponders by ignoring the ISO14443A and ISO15693 interfaces of this transponder.

Legic CTC4096 transponders support several RFID interfaces (Legic prime, ISO14443A and optionally ISO15693). They behave similar like a multichip card. VHL normally addresses every interface successively thus returning a different card type and a different UID for each RF interface of the CTC.

If this parameter is set to True, VHL ignores the ISO interfaces and handles a CTC transponder like a card that contains a Legic prime chip only.

A common use case for this parameter is a configuration that reads UIDs via Autoread. In the normal case this configuration returns two/three UIDs on a CTC card presentation. If this parameter is set to True then only one UID is returned.



Name Type/Size Description
- Enumeration (8 bits) Values:
  • False (0x00)
    Handle CTC like a multi-chip card (default)
  • True (0x01)
    Handle CTC like a prime chip by suppressing ISO14443A and ISO15693 interfaces