Project / VhlSettings125Khz / ScanCardTypesPart1 Value

Defines a bitsmask that is used by VHLSelect() to restrict the HF-protocols that are polled. This can speed up the scanning. This is an extension to Project/VhlSettings/ScanCardFamilies.



Name Type/Size Description
CardTypes125KhzPart1 Bit mask (16 bits) -
TTF Boolean (bit 0x8000) Low level card type / programmable decoder
Hitag2B Boolean (bit 0x4000) HITAG 2 Biphase
Hitag2M Boolean (bit 0x2000) HITAG 2 Manchester
Hitag1S Boolean (bit 0x1000) HITAG 1 or S
HidIoprox Boolean (bit 0x0800) ioProx
HidProx Boolean (bit 0x0400) HID Proximity
HidAwid Boolean (bit 0x0200) AWID
HidIndala Boolean (bit 0x0100) Indala ASP
Quadrakey Boolean (bit 0x0080) QuadraKey
Keri Boolean (bit 0x0040) Keri
HidProx32 Boolean (bit 0x0020) HID Prox32
Pyramid Boolean (bit 0x0010) Pyramid
EM4450 Boolean (bit 0x0008) EM4450
RFU Integer (bit 0x0004) Zero padding
EM4100 Boolean (bit 0x0002) EM4100/EM4102
EM4205 Boolean (bit 0x0001) EM4205/EM4305