Device / Run / AccessRightsOfBAC Value

Specifies the behavior of the reader if a BALTECH AdrCard (BAC) or an NFC device enabled for bus address setup is presented.

When setting a bus address via NFC, also set the configuration value RequiresBusAddress to ensure a correct workflow of the upload software tool.



Name Type/Size Description
- Enumeration (8 bits) Values:
  • Disabled (0x00)
    Disables BALTECH AdrCards permanently
  • ReadOnly (0x01)
    The reader will signal the bus address via beeper when a BALTECH AdrCard is presented. It is not possible to change the address using the AdrCard.
  • EnabledOnTamper (0x02)
    The bus address can always be retrieved. Changing the bus address via BALTECH AdrCard is possible as long as no Config Security Code is set or when the reader housing (i.e. the tamper switch) is open. This is the default setting if the value is not set.
  • Enabled (0x03)
    There are no restrictions at all. The bus address can always be retrieved and changed using BALTECH AdrCard.