Device / Run / MaintenanceFunctionFilter Value

Disable individual maintenance functions that are triggered when the reader operates in Autoread mode and a maintenance function card (e.g. ConfigCard or LicenseCard) or an NFC device is presented.



Name Type/Size Description
- Bit mask (16 bits) -
RFU Integer (bit mask area 0xFFE0) Zero padding
DisableReaderInfo Boolean (bit 0x0010) If true, retrieval of general reader information via the contactless interface is disabled.
DisableBec2Upload Boolean (bit 0x0008) If true, upload of BEC2 files via the contactless interface is disabled.
DisableLicenseCards Boolean (bit 0x0004) If true, LicenseCards are disabled.
DisableAdrCards Boolean (bit 0x0002) If true, AdrCards, which are used to set up a bus address, are disabled.
DisableConfigCards Boolean (bit 0x0001) If true, ConfigCards are disabled.