Protocols / Network / NicPrinterPortSpeedDuplexMode Value

Select Speed and Duplex mode for Printer/Device port.

Note: To allow for Maintenance Mode being entered without difficulty printer port is forced to operate in Autonegotiation mode as soon as Network port link gets lost.



Name Type/Size Description
- Enumeration (8 bits) Values:
  • Autonegotiation (0x00)
    This is the default behaviour if this value is not provided
  • HalfDuplex10Mbit (0x01)
  • FullDuplex10Mbit (0x02)
  • HalfDuplex100Mbit (0x03)
  • FullDuplex100Mbit (0x04)
  • Disabled (0xFF)
    Disable port completely.