Template / BitDataEnd Protocol Frame

If the source data (i.e. the data to be read from the card) is bitwise organized the Template rendering is split into two phases:

  1. The first phase retrieves the bit data from the data source (i.e. card; usually done by VarData or Serialnr )
  2. The second phase converts the bit data returned by the first phase into ASCII data (Usually done by ExtractBitField )

This command delimits the template for phase one (the template-description before this command) from the template for the second phase (the template-description after this command). The returned result is only the result from phase 2!

For the rare case that this command does not fulfil your requirements please use Scramble .

This commmand must occur at maximum once per template.



Name Type/Size Description
SrcDataBitOrder Enumeration (8 bits) Specifies if the template for phase 1 (the source data) is Msb or Lsb.
This is the bit order for the CutNibbles command.
  • Lsb (0x00)
    Handle Bytes in Least significant bit first order.
  • Msb (0x01)
    Handle Bytes in Most significant bit first order.