Template Protocol

A Template defines a conversation rule how source data (i.e. VHL file) is converted to destination data. It consists of static data, which is copied 1:1 to the destination data and command which are replaced by variable data.

A TemplateCommand defines an area of variable content within a Template (the rest of the Template is static content, except the byte 0x1B, see EscChar ).

variable content is fetched from one of the following sources:

The variable data that is inserted at the TemplateCommands location depends on the commandbyte that starts the TemplateCommand defintion and the command specific parameter that are following the command. The available commands are listed below (including a description of their parameters).

Template: "HDR" VarData 0001 02 NoFilter "TAIL"
Sourcedata: "12345"
Destinationdata: "HDR23TAIL"