Template / CutBits Protocol Frame

This command is deprecated. Please use ExtractBitField.

This command is identical to CutNibbles, but works on bit level instead of nibble level.

Depending on Bitorder all values are considered as MSB-values or LSB values. In case they are are considered as MSB this means bit position 0 corresponds to byte value 0x80 and bit position 7 corresponds to byte value 0x01.

If the number of remaining bits is not multiple of eight, the template will be filled with 0-bits at the end to ensure that the it matches the next byte boundary.
Template: FF 01 CutNibbles 0006 7
Destination data: FC 80



Name Type/Size Description
StartBit Integer (16 bits) -
BitCount Integer (8 bits) -
Bitorder Enumeration (8 bits) This is the bit order for the CutNibbles command.
  • Lsb (0x00)
    Handle Bytes in Least significant bit first order.
  • Msb (0x01)
    Handle Bytes in Most significant bit first order.