Template / Strip Protocol Frame

This command removes characters of a specific value. The area to strip is defined by Len. Either the last Len bytes are stripped, or (if Len is 0xFF) all bytes from the last marker (see Mark command) to the end are stripped.

The character to remove can be specfied by RemoveChar (is usually "0"). StripOptions specify if leading or trailing characters shall be removed



Name Type/Size Description
Len Integer (8 bits) -
StripOptions Bit mask (8 bits) These keywords can be used to parametrize the way the Strip command removes dummy characters.
RFU Integer (bit mask area 0xF8) Zero padding
Leading Boolean (bit 0x04) Remove all leading characters of type RemoveChar .
Middle Boolean (bit 0x02) Remove all characters matching RemoveChar, where at least one non- RemoveChar is found before and after.
Trailing Boolean (bit 0x01) Remove all trailing characters of type RemoveChar.
RemoveChar Integer (8 bits) -