Template / IsEqual Protocol Frame

This command checks if the last converted bytes are equal to ConstData. If this is not the case, the conversion of the template is cancelled.

The number of compared bytes is determined by the length of ConstData. This means that the comparing operation is done until ConstData ends with a zero byte.

It is strongly recommended to convert the data always to ASCII before comparing it with IsEqual. Otherwise the user had to ensure that "ConstData" contains no zero byte, as it would be interpreted as String terminator.

If the number of bytes already converted is lower than the length of ConstData, the conversion is cancelled.



Name Type/Size Description
ActionOnSuccess Enumeration (8 bits) Action to take when the IsEqual command is executed successfully.
  • Cut (0x01)
    Removes the converted data after successfully comparing it to ConstData
  • Keep (0x02)
    Does not modify the converted data after successfully comparing it to ConstData.
ConstData ASCII string (zero terminated) An ASCII string that has to match to the last read bytes.