General status codes returned by BALTECH readers

BRP status BRP Library Error Code Mnemonic Description
0x00 N/A OK Command successfully executed.
0x40 N/A CmdWork Command is still running. Occurs only if executed in continuous or repeat mode.
0x41 N/A ErrInvalidCmd Command code or parameters are invalid (e.g. invalid content, too short, or too long).
0x42 N/A ErrAccessDenied The application isn't authorized to send the command.
0x81 N/A ErrTimeout Reader ran into timeout when receiving the command frame.
0x82 N/A ErrFrame Reader received an invalid command frame.
0x83 N/A ErrResponseTooLong

The response frame is longer that the supported maximum frame length.

All firmware versions support a minimum length of 128 byte for command and response frames combined. If you need more, please run Sys.GetBufferSize to check the maximum frame length supported by your reader's firmware version.

0x84 N/A ErrChecksum Reader received a command frame with an invalid checksum.