Hitag command group

This are Hitag 125 kHz card commands.
WARNING: This command set is not available in all Baltech reader firmware variants.

Status codes

BRP status BRP Library Error Code Mnemonic Description
0x01 0x3001 (12289) Hitag.ErrHtgNoTag No tag error.
0x02 0x3002 (12290) Hitag.ErrHtgCollision Collision occurred.
0x03 0x3003 (12291) Hitag.ErrHtgRxdata Wrong length or wrong data.
0x04 0x3004 (12292) Hitag.HtgChecksum Receive checksum error.
0x07 0x3007 (12295) Hitag.HtgWrongParam Wrong command parameter.
0x09 0x3009 (12297) Hitag.ErrHtgAuth Authentication error.
0x08 0x3008 (12296) Hitag.ErrHtgOvTo ISR buffer overflow during send/receive, TO during send.
0x0A 0x300A (12298) Hitag.ErrHtgHw Reader chip HW error.
0x0B 0x300B (12299) Hitag.ErrHtgCr Crypt processor HW error.
0x0C 0x300C (12300) Hitag.ErrHtgCfg Update of configuration not successful.
0x0D 0x300D (12301) Hitag.ErrHtgHfreqctrl Another task requested control over HF via hf_request_control.
0x0F 0x300F (12303) Hitag.ErrHtgHwNotSupported Hardware not supported.