Iso14CE command group

This command group allows to emulate an ISO 14443-4 card.
WARNING: This command set is not available in all Baltech reader firmware variants.

Status codes

BRP status BRP Library Error Code Mnemonic Description
0x01 0x4A01 (18945) Iso14CE.ErrIso144State

Emulated PICC currently not in the proper state to exchange ISO14443-4 APDUs (PCD didn't activate the protocol)

Card emulation has to be restarted.

0x02 0x4A02 (18946) Iso14CE.ErrCom Communication problem between microcontroller and reader chip.
0x03 0x4A03 (18947) Iso14CE.ErrTransmission HF transmission error (e.g. CRC, framing,...).
0x04 0x4A04 (18948) Iso14CE.ErrTimeout Timeout: no APDU was received from the PCD within the specified time.
0x05 0x4A05 (18949) Iso14CE.ErrOverflow Buffer overflow: the PCD sent more data than the receive buffer of the emulated PICC can handle.
0x06 0x4A06 (18950) Iso14CE.ErrInternal Internal error - should never occur.
0x07 0x4A07 (18951) Iso14CE.ErrDeselect PICC has been deselected.