BlePeriph command group

This command group is not available in our standard firmware. If you want us to activate this functionality for you, please get in touch with us.

With this command group, you can implement your own BLE peripheral protocol, i.e. your own BLE service (with its own characteristics), which will be advertised by the reader.

Before BLE can be activated via BlePeriph.Enable, you have to define your service via BlePeriph.DefineService. This will create an internal database of characteristics that can be accessed from the BRP host with the commands BlePeriph.SetCharacteristic and BlePeriph.GetCharacteristic.

As soon as BLE is activated via BlePeriph.Enable and a BLE Central connects to your reader, it also has access to this internal database of characteristcs. If it connects to the reader or modifies a characteristic, you'll be informed via BlePeriph.GetEvents.

WARNING: This command set is not available in all Baltech reader firmware variants.

Status codes

BRP status BRP Library Error Code Mnemonic Description
0x01 0x4B01 (19201) BlePeriph.ErrNotInactive Must not call BlePeriph.DefineService after calling BlePeriph.Enable(true)