Ultralight command group

With this command group, you can access MIFARE Ultralight cards in low-level mode. To work with this command group, a card has to be in ISO 14443-3 Type A selected state. This can be achieved using the Iso14a command group.

WARNING: This command set is not available in all Baltech reader firmware variants.

Status codes

BRP status BRP Library Error Code Mnemonic Description
0x01 0x2501 (9473) Ultralight.ErrNoTag There's no card in the HF field, or the card doesn't respond.
0x02 0x2502 (9474) Ultralight.ErrAuth Authentication with the card has failed.
0x03 0x2503 (9475) Ultralight.ErrHf The response frame is invalid, e.g. it may contain an invalid number of bits or an invalid CRC checksum. Please rerun the command.
0x04 0x2504 (9476) Ultralight.ErrKey The encryption key is undefined or inaccessible.
0x05 0x2505 (9477) Ultralight.ErrNack The card didn't accept the command. Please check the conditions and rerun the command.
0x18 0x2518 (9496) Ultralight.ErrInterface Communication with the reader chip has failed. Please reset the reader with Sys.Reset and check the reader chip status with Sys.GetBootStatus.
0x19 0x2519 (9497) Ultralight.ErrCmd The specified command or parameters are unknown.
0x20 0x2520 (9504) Ultralight.ErrHwNotSupported This command isn't supported by the reader hardware.
0x21 0x2521 (9505) Ultralight.ErrFirmwareNotSupported This command isn't supported by the reader firmware.
0x28 0x2528 (9512) Ultralight.BreakErr The command has been aborted because the HF interface has been requested by another task or command. Please reselect the card. This error only occurs when you combine VHL and low-level commands. We highly recommend you avoid that combination as these 2 command sets will interfere with each other's card states.