Iso14L4 command group

This command group implements the low-level ISO 14443-4 commands according to the ISO 14443-4 standard. While the ISO 14443-3 Type A and Type B standards define request and selection mechanisms for PICCs, the ISO 14443-4 standard defines a protocol capable of transferring so-called application layer data units (APDUs) with previously selected labels.

Please refer to the ISO 14443-3 (Type A) command group documentation or to the ISO 14443-3 (Type B) command group documentation for more information on how to put ISO 14443-3 (Type A) or ISO 14443-3 (Type B) PICCs into the active state.

APDUs can be transmitted and received to/from a PICC using the Iso14L4.ExchangeAPDU command, provided the PICC is in active state. Before calling the Iso14L4.ExchangeAPDU command, the target PICC has to be selected using the Iso14L4.SetupAPDU command. The Iso14L4.SetupAPDU command furthermore enables to change the communication parameters of the reader to match the capabilities of the target PICC. These communication parameters apply to all following calls of the Iso14L4.ExchangeAPDU and Iso14L4.Deselect commands, until the Iso14L4.SetupAPDU command is called with different parameters. The Iso14L4.Deselect command is used to switch a PICC to halt state after exchange with this PICC has been completed.

PICCs can also be put to the halt state using the Iso14a.Halt command or the Iso14b.Halt command. However these commands only work for PICCs which are not in ISO 14443-4 mode (when considering Type A PICCs) or for PICCs in ready state, not in active state (when considering Type B PICCs). In other situations, the Iso14L4.Deselect command should be used.
WARNING: This command set is not available in all Baltech reader firmware variants.

Status codes

BRP status BRP Library Error Code Mnemonic Description
0x01 0x1601 (5633) Iso14L4.ErrNoTag No card in field of antenna or card in field of antenna does not match given VHL-file.
0x04 0x1604 (5636) Iso14L4.ErrHf General HF error.
0x05 0x1605 (5637) Iso14L4.ErrCard PICC corrupt or behaves unspecified.
0x10 0x1610 (5648) Iso14L4.ErrCom Error in communication to reader chip.
0x23 0x1623 (5667) Iso14L4.ErrCmd Command and/or parameters invalid.