Pico command group

Picopass card commands.
WARNING: This command set is not available in all Baltech reader firmware variants.

Status codes

BRP status BRP Library Error Code Mnemonic Description
0x01 0x1A01 (6657) Pico.ErrNoTag No PICC
0x02 0x1A02 (6658) Pico.ErrCollision Collision occurred (value will be ordered with bit position of collision in high nibble!)
0x04 0x1A04 (6660) Pico.ErrHf General HF error
0x07 0x1A07 (6663) Pico.ErrFrame Bit error, parity error or frame error (start/stop-bit)
0x08 0x1A08 (6664) Pico.ErrCrc CRC checksum error
0x10 0x1A10 (6672) Pico.ErrCom Communication error UC - reader chip
0x22 0x1A22 (6690) Pico.ErrCardNotSupported Reader chip does not support card type
0x23 0x1A23 (6691) Pico.ErrHwNotSupported Command not supported by hardware