AR command group

With the Autoread command group, you can control a reader configured for Autoread mode. This mode allows the reader to autonomously scan for cards, validate and read them, and interact with the user (e.g. give feedback via beeper/LED or switch a door relay). Besides, the reader buffers data read from the card, so the host application can retrieve it.

For more details on how to implement Autoread, please see our Autoread workflow overview.

Status codes

BRP status BRP Library Error Code Mnemonic Description
0x01 0x0501 (1281) AR.ErrNoMessage No valid card has been presented to the reader so far.
0x02 0x0502 (1282) AR.ErrScriptRuntime A runtime error occurred when executing the script.
0x03 0x0503 (1283) AR.ErrScriptSyntax There's a syntax error in the script code.
0x04 0x0504 (1284) AR.ErrScriptNotImplemented The script ran the command DefaultAction.
0x10 0x0510 (1296) AR.ErrArDisabled Autoread is disabled.