This command checks if a card has been presented to the reader since the last AR.GetMessage execution. If yes, the card identification will be returned in MsgData . If no, the AR.ErrNoMessage status code will be returned.

Apart from card identifications, some readers support additional types of messages, e.g. PINs entered via the keyboard. This information is returned in MsgType.

Read results are buffered in the reader's memory for 5 seconds, i.e. that's the time frame you have to execute this command.


Parameters (request frame)


Returned values (response frame)

Name Type/Size Description
MsgType Enumeration (8 bits) Event that triggered the message. It allows the host application to interpret the message content correctly.
  • Card (0x00)
    A card was presented to the reader. The Autoread subsytem has read and converted the card's number based on the RFID interface component in the reader configuration. The result is returned in the message content.
  • AlarmOn (0x01)
    The tamper alarm was activated. By default, the message content is empty.
  • AlarmOff (0x02)
    The tamper alarm was deactivated. By default, the message content is empty.
  • Keyboard (0x03)
    A PIN was entered via the reader's keyboard. The entered digits are returned in the message content.
  • CardRemoval (0x04)

    A previously presented card has been removed. By default, the message content is empty.

    This message type is only generated if the reader is configured to scan for card removals (Device.Run.AutoreadWaitForCardRemoval).
  • FunctionKey (0x05)
    The user has pressed a certain function key, e.g. the hash (#), star (*), or ENTER (E) key. The code of the entered key is returned in the message content.
  • Logs (0x06)

    The reader returned a log message.

    When you request support, please forward these log messages to us to help us investigate the underlying issue. Please collect log messages from all readers in your project. Only then will they provide meaningful insights.
Length of MsgData Integer (8 bits) Length of MsgData in bytes
MsgData Raw data Content of message (usually an ASCII string)