Crypto command group

This command group regroups the commands needed to use the integrated crypto-engine of the Baltech reader.

Status codes

BRP status BRP Library Error Code Mnemonic Description
0x01 0x0201 (513) Crypto.CrptErrInvalidBlock Encrypted block format is invalid.
0x02 0x0202 (514) Crypto.CrptErrAuth Internal key cannot be accessed for the specified action due to the access condition flags settings.
0x03 0x0203 (515) Crypto.CrptErrKeyNotFound Specified key not available in the internal key list.
0x04 0x0204 (516) Crypto.CrptErrWriteConfigkey Configuration key cannot be stored in the reader's configuration.
0x05 0x0205 (517) Crypto.CrptErrInvalidKey

No valid configuration card key. Since no key is present, the reader is forced to work unencrypted.

This status code is not supported by Crypto.Encrypt/Crypto.Decrypt commands due to legacy reasons.