DHWCtrl command group

Low level hardware commands. These are usually commands to test the hardware and have very low level access to the AVR peripherals.
WARNING: This command set is not available in all Baltech reader firmware variants.

Status codes

BRP status BRP Library Error Code Mnemonic Description
0x01 0xE001 (57345) DHWCtrl.ErrUnknownPort This port is not available on this hardware platform.
0x02 0xE002 (57346) DHWCtrl.ErrMarshall The structure of a StartupRun-block is wrong or the command DHWCtrl.GetStartupRun has not properly been called.
0x03 0xE003 (57347) DHWCtrl.ErrNoStartupRun There was no StartupRun-block, or the DHWCtrl.GetStartupRun command was not executed.
0x04 0xE004 (57348) DHWCtrl.ErrNoPowermgr The Power Manager was unable to take the module into suspend mode.
0x05 0xE005 (57349) DHWCtrl.ErrNoProdloader No production loader is present in the reader's flash memory.
0x06 0xE006 (57350) DHWCtrl.ErrPfid2NotAvailable No PlatformID2 available.
0x11 0xE011 (57361) DHWCtrl.ErrEepIndex Specified EEPROM address and amount of Bytes to write are not compatible.
0x12 0xE012 (57362) DHWCtrl.ErrEepVerify Data written to EEPROM could not be verified.
0x13 0xE013 (57363) DHWCtrl.ErrEepTimeout Data could not be written within timeout.
0x20 0xE020 (57376) DHWCtrl.ErrDataflash Dataflash could not be found.
0x21 0xE021 (57377) DHWCtrl.ErrDataflashTimeout Timeout occurred.
0x22 0xE022 (57378) DHWCtrl.ErrDataflashVerify Verification failed after writing data.
0x23 0xE023 (57379) DHWCtrl.ErrDataflashParam Parameter(s)/address(es) are not valid.
0x24 0xE024 (57380) DHWCtrl.ErrDataflashSpi Communication via SPI interface failed.
0x25 0xE025 (57381) DHWCtrl.ErrDataflashFlash Flash device behaves in an unspecified manner.
0x30 0xE030 (57392) DHWCtrl.ErrAvrProgSpi SPI programming instruction couldn't be executed successfully.
0x31 0xE031 (57393) DHWCtrl.ErrAvrProgPdi PDI operation couldn't be executed successfully.
0x50 0xE050 (57424) DHWCtrl.ErrNicNoData No data was received by NIC.
0x51 0xE051 (57425) DHWCtrl.ErrNicBufferFlow Received data was to big for buffer.