Sys command group

With the Sys command group, you can interact with the reader itself. You can e.g. retrieve reader information, set up its behavior, and control it during runtime.

For a quick overview, please see our list of most important Sys commands.

Status codes

BRP status BRP Library Error Code Mnemonic Description
0x01 0x0001 (1) Sys.ErrCfgFull There's not enough space to store the reader's configuration values.
0x02 0x0002 (2) Sys.ErrCfgAccess Reading/writing to the internal memory failed.
Please get in touch with us.
0x03 0x0003 (3) Sys.ErrCfgNotFound The meaning of this status code varies depending on the access mode:
  • Read access: The desired key/value couldn't be found in the configuration.
  • Write access: The key/value ID is invalid. The value couldn't be set.
0x04 0x0004 (4) Sys.ErrInvalidCfgBlock The format of the configuration file (BEC file) is invalid.
0x05 0x0005 (5) Sys.ErrCfgAccessDenied Memory access denied. The configuration value ID is too high (> 0x80).
0x06 0x0006 (6) Sys.ErrRegAccess Register cannot be modified or doesn't exist.
0x07 0x0007 (7) Sys.ErrInvalidProtocol The selected protocol isn't supported by the current firmware.
0x08 0x0008 (8) Sys.ErrNotSupportedByHardware This feature isn't supported by the reader hardware.
0x09 0x0009 (9) Sys.ErrFactsetRestore Restoring the reader's factory settings failed.
0x0A 0x000A (10) Sys.ErrCfgConfigSecurityCode Sys.CfgLoadBlock was run with an invalid Config Security Code, i.e. the configuration you're trying to deploy is not a new version of the existing configuration, but a completely different configuration ( learn more ).
0x0B 0x000B (11) Sys.ErrCfgVersion Sys.CfgLoadBlock was run with a configuration version that is older than the one currently deployed ( learn more ).
0x0C 0x000C (12) Sys.ErrCfgLoadWrongState The command can't be run in the current (CfgLoadBlock) state, i.e. Sys.CfgLoadFinish must be run after Sys.CfgLoadPrepare.
0x7F 0x007F (127) Sys.ErrInvalidFwCrc The CRC of the firmware is invalid. This error can only be returned by the Sys.GetFwCrc command.