This command is only required when the serial host-to-reader interface is in use. In case the protocol is running, this command can be used to change the settings of the serial line:

Usually the reader uses the settings specified in the configuration of the reader under the Protocols/BrpSerial Key. If the corresponding configuration values do not exist, the default settings are used (Baud rate 115200; no parity; CWT 20 ms).

The BRP response frame to this command is received according to the old serial settings. The new serial settings are only in effect starting with the next BRP command frame. The parameters set by this command are lost when the reader is powered off or reset. CWT must never be smaller than the time needed for transferring a single byte. This is especially important when using baud rates smaller than 9600. It is good practice to adapt the CWT according to the following equation: CWT = 10 / baud rate + 10.


Parameters (request frame)

Name Type/Size Description
NewBaudrate Enumeration (16 bits) 1/100 of the baud rate to set

The Baudrate specifies the performance of an RS-232/UART based interface in bits per second.

For the old-style 8bit format, which omits the least significant digit, this format is not supported any more. Configurations using this format cannot be opened.
  • Baud300 (0x0003)
    300 Baud
  • Baud600 (0x0006)
    600 Baud
  • Baud1200 (0x000C)
    1200 Baud
  • Baud2400 (0x0018)
    2400 Baud
  • Baud4800 (0x0030)
    4800 Baud
  • Baud9600 (0x0060)
    9600 Baud
  • Baud14400 (0x0090)
    14400 Baud
  • Baud19200 (0x00C0)
    19200 Baud
  • Baud28800 (0x0120)
    28800 Baud
  • Baud38400 (0x0180)
    38400 Baud
  • Baud57600 (0x0240)
    57600 Baud
  • Baud115200 (0x0480)
    115200 Baud
  • Baud500000 (0x1388)
    500 kBaud
  • Baud576000 (0x1680)
    576 kBaud
  • Baud921600 (0x2400)
    921 kBaud
NewParity Enumeration (8 bits) 'N' for no parity, 'E' for even parity and 'O' for odd parity
Specifies the Parity-bit mode which is used for RS-232/UART protocols.
  • None (0x4E)
    No Parity is used
  • Even (0x45)
    Parity is used. The Parity bit is set if number of set bits is even.
  • Odd (0x4F)
    Parity is used. The Parity bit is set if number of set bits is odd.
CWT Integer (8 bits) Character Waiting Time: maximum time to wait between two characters in a frame.

Returned values (response frame)