This command is deprecated. Do not use it in new code as we may remove it in the future!

Please use UI.Enable and UI.Disable instead of this command for new applications.

Sets/clears custom I/O ports of the module. Every bit in PortMask is assigned to an I/O port. By calling this command all output ports are set. Some ports need to be configured as output ports before being set via this command.


Parameters (request frame)

Name Type/Size Description
PortMask Bit mask (16 bits) -
Gpio7 Boolean (bit 0x8000) -
Gpio6 Boolean (bit 0x4000) -
Gpio5 Boolean (bit 0x2000) -
Gpio4 Boolean (bit 0x1000) -
Gpio3 Boolean (bit 0x0800) -
Gpio2 Boolean (bit 0x0400) -
Gpio1 Boolean (bit 0x0200) -
Gpio0 Boolean (bit 0x0100) -
TamperAlarm Boolean (bit 0x0080) -
BlueLed Boolean (bit 0x0040) -
Input1 Boolean (bit 0x0020) -
Input0 Boolean (bit 0x0010) -
Relay Boolean (bit 0x0008) -
Beeper Boolean (bit 0x0004) -
RedLed Boolean (bit 0x0002) -
GreenLed Boolean (bit 0x0001) -

Returned values (response frame)