This command transfers the configuration from a BEC file into the reader. You have to call it for every block tag in the BEC file.

All Sys.CfgLoad commands only work with the legacy file format BEC. For the current default format BEC2, please use Main.Bf3UploadStart and Main.Bf3UploadContinue as explained in this overview.

Commands to run before and after

To initiate the transfer, run Sys.CfgLoadPrepare before the first Sys.CfgLoadBlock .
For legacy reasons, you can ommit Sys.CfgLoadPrepare because it's not supported by readers older than our current product lines based on ID-engine Z. In this case, ensure that the Sys.CfgLoadBlock transferring the first block of the BEC file is the first Sys.CfgLoadBlock after powerup.

To complete the operation once all block tags are transferred, run Sys.CfgLoadFinish.
If you omit Sys.CfgLoadPrepare for legacy reasons, omit Sys.CfgLoadFinish as well. In this case, do a a manual reset to activate the configuration changes.


Parameters (request frame)

Name Type/Size Description
Version Integer (8 bits) Has to contain the version attribute of every block tag.
Length of Data Integer (8 bits) Length of Data in bytes
Data Raw data Has to contain the content attribute of every block x tag (converted into binary format).

Returned values (response frame)