This command is deprecated. Do not use it in new code as we may remove it in the future!

Maintenance command only needed for Baltech internal use to get detailed information about the actually used hardware.

This command must only be used if the Main.MatchPlatformId2 command is not supported by the current firmware.


Parameters (request frame)


Returned values (response frame)

Name Type/Size Description
PlatformId Raw data (length 5 Bytes) PlatformID of Device (Baltech internal use)
BootloaderId Integer (8 bits) Compilation of Bootloader (Baltech internal use)
BootloaderMajor Integer (8 bits) Majornumber of Bootloader version (Baltech internal use)
BootloaderMinor Integer (8 bits) Minornumber of Bootloader version (Baltech internal use)
BootloaderBuild Integer (8 bits) Buildnumber of Bootloader version (Baltech internal use)