This command has to be called after transferring a BEC file with Sys.CfgLoadBlock. Depending on how you set the parameter FinalizeAction , this command will do one of the following:

All Sys.CfgLoad commands only work with the legacy file format BEC. For the current default format BEC2, please use Main.Bf3UploadStart and Main.Bf3UploadContinue as explained in this overview.


Parameters (request frame)

Name Type/Size Description
FinalizeAction Enumeration (8 bits) Defines the reader's behaviour on error/success
  • CancelCfgLoad (0x00)
    Cancel the BEC transfer and undo all configuration changes since Sys.CfgLoadPrepare.
  • FinalizeCfgLoadWithoutReboot (0x01)
    Complete the BEC transfer, but don't reboot. A reboot is necessary to ensure all configuration changes are activated. Thus, we recommend you only use this value if another operation is pending that requires a reboot as well (e.g. a firmware update).
  • FinalizeCfgLoadWithReboot (0x02)
    Complete the BEC transfer and do an implicit reboot. This requires reconnecting as described in Sys.Reset. This is the value we generally recommend as the reboot ensures that all changes are activated.

Returned values (response frame)