This command has to be called after a .bec file transfer via Sys.CfgLoadBlock was done successfully. It must only be called if all Sys.CfgLoadBlock calls succeeded.

Alternatively it must be called if the .bec file transfer shall be cancelled. In this case all changes made on the configuration since the Sys.CfgLoadPrepare will be undone.

In case of a successful transfer a reboot is required to activate the new settings. This reboot is performed implicitly if FinalizeCfgLoadWithReboot in the parameter FinalizeAction is chosen. Using FinalizeCfgLoadWithoutReboot allows you to postpone the reboot in case another operation (e.g. a firmware update) is pending, which requires a reboot, too.


Parameters (request frame)

Name Type/Size Description
FinalizeAction Enumeration (8 bits) Indicates to the reader's behaviour on error/success
  • CancelCfgLoad (0x00)
  • FinalizeCfgLoadWithoutReboot (0x01)
  • FinalizeCfgLoadWithReboot (0x02)
    Do an implicit reboot after finishing. This requires reconnecting as descibed in Sys.Reset

Returned values (response frame)