This command retrieves the voltage for the custom I/O ports of the module. Every module can have up to 16 ports whereby every bit of the returned PortMask value corresponds to a port. A '1' corresponds to 5V, while a '0' corresponds to 0V.


Parameters (request frame)


Returned values (response frame)

Name Type/Size Description
PortMask Bit mask (16 bits) -
Gpio7 Boolean (bit 0x8000) -
Gpio6 Boolean (bit 0x4000) -
Gpio5 Boolean (bit 0x2000) -
Gpio4 Boolean (bit 0x1000) -
Gpio3 Boolean (bit 0x0800) -
Gpio2 Boolean (bit 0x0400) -
Gpio1 Boolean (bit 0x0200) -
Gpio0 Boolean (bit 0x0100) -
TamperAlarm Boolean (bit 0x0080) -
BlueLed Boolean (bit 0x0040) -
Input1 Boolean (bit 0x0020) -
Input0 Boolean (bit 0x0010) -
Relay Boolean (bit 0x0008) -
Beeper Boolean (bit 0x0004) -
RedLed Boolean (bit 0x0002) -
GreenLed Boolean (bit 0x0001) -