LT command group

These are LT transponder commands.
WARNING: This command set is not available in all Baltech reader firmware variants.

Status codes

BRP status BRP Library Error Code Mnemonic Description
0x01 0xA001 (40961) LT.ErrLtNoTag No tag present in the reader's RFID field.
0x02 0xA002 (40962) LT.ErrLtCrc CRC checksum error.
0x05 0xA005 (40965) LT.ErrLtParity Parity error.
0x06 0xA006 (40966) LT.LtNackReceived NACK received, command not accepted.
0x07 0xA007 (40967) LT.ErrLtHf General HF error.
0x08 0xA008 (40968) LT.ErrLtSnr Collision occurred.
0x0B 0xA00B (40971) LT.ErrLtBitcount Wrong number of bits received from the transponder.
0x0C 0xA00C (40972) LT.ErrLtFileov To many blocks written to file.
0x0D 0xA00D (40973) LT.ErrLtCom Communication error uC - reader chip.
0x13 0xA013 (40979) LT.ErrLtCmd Command syntax error.
0x15 0xA015 (40981) LT.ErrLtEepRead Error reading EEPROM of the reader.
0x16 0xA016 (40982) LT.ErrLtEepWrite Error writing EEPROM of the reader.