This command returns the identifier of the reader configuration. The prerequisite is that the configuration contains a valid host interface component and/or RFID interface component.

If the RFID interface component(s) are stored in one configuration and other components (typically the host interface component) in another configuration, this command will only return the ID for the configuration with the RFID interface component(s). To get the ID for the configuration with the host interface component, run Sys.CfgGetDeviceSettingsId.


Parameters (request frame)


Returned values (response frame)

Name Type/Size Description
Length of ConfigId Integer (8 bits) Length of ConfigId in bytes
ConfigId ASCII string

Configuration ID
This is a 15-digit number as defined in the BALTECH configuration naming scheme.

Only configurations created by BALTECH have a configuration ID.
Length of ConfigName Integer (8 bits) Length of ConfigName in bytes
ConfigName ASCII string Configuration name
This is the name specified in BALTECH ConfigEditor.