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Order a configuration

You can order custom configurations from us. There are 2 options to choose from depending on your requirements:

The service fee is €300 per order.

Ready-to-deploy configuration

This is the right option if you want a tailored configuration where you don't need to make any changes yourself.

What we need from you

  • 2 sample project cards, each with a programmed card number (PCN) to be returned
  • The numbers as you expect them to be returned
  • Project card specification (at least the project keys)
  • Host protocol (e.g. Wiegand, RS-232/UART)
  • Optional: Feedback to emit to the card holder, i.e. LED and beeper.
    This is only needed if you don't want to keep the feedback defined by the factory settings.

What you'll get

You'll receive the complete and tested configuration as a deployable file. This encrypted, non-editable file protects your sensitive project details and is safe to transmit via e-mail.

Upon request, we also send you ConfigCards containing the configuration.

If you order large reader quantities, we can also deploy the configuration for you during production.

Your workflow:
Deploy the configuration to the readers.

Configuration Template

This is the right option in the following cases:

  • You want a tailored configuration (as in option 1); However, you prefer not to share the project keys or other sensitive details.
  • You want to use the configuration for various projects where only a few parameters change.
  • You want to create your own configuration, but need a custom component because the standard components in ConfigEditor lack settings you need.

What we need from you

This depends on your requirements for the template. Typical details are:

  • Project card specification
  • Host protocol (e.g. Wiegand, RS-232/UART)
  • Feedback to emit to the card holder, i.e. LED and beeper

What you'll get

We prepare the configuration according to your requirements and provide it to you in an editable format. You can use it as a template for 1 or multiple projects or import it to your existing configuration.

Your workflow:

  • Based on the template, create your project configuration.
  • If you want to add the template as a custom component to an existing configuration, you can import the template. To do so, click the Plus icon > Import... in the existing configuration.

Naming scheme

The configuration we create will follow the naming scheme below. It's used as a file name, but you'll also see it e.g. in BALTECH ID-engine Explorer or Uploader when connecting to a reader that uses this configuration.

Naming scheme for configurations created by BALTECH

This scheme makes it easy to see if a configuration contains

  • a host interface component
  • an RFID interface component
  • the same host or RFID interface component as another configuration