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Deploy Prox licenses with BALTECH LicenseCard

With a BALTECH LicenseCard, you can equip 125 kHz readers with Prox licenses, so the readers are able to read HID Prox, Indala, or Keri project cards.

You can purchase LicenseCards in our online shop.

Deploying a Prox license on ACCESS200 readers disables the Wiegand interface.

Types of LicenseCards

There are 2 types of LicenseCards:

  • LicenseCard Standard: Licenses on this card are accepted by any 125 kHz reader.
  • LicenseCard SE: Licenses on this card are discounted; they are only accepted by and will only work on 125 kHz readers that have an HID iCLASS SE Processor inserted (also known as "iCLASS SAM").

Readers from the LEGIC product line do not accept LicenseCard SE as they are not compatible with HID iClass SE Processor.

Deploy a license

Present the LicenseCard to the reader you want to equip with a license. The reader will emit the following signals:

License has been assigned

A license from the card has been assigned to the reader.

Diagram: Feedback given by a BALTECH reader: LicenseCard processed, license has been assigned.

Existing license found

The reader already has a license, so no additional license from the card has been assigned.

Diagram: Feedback given by a BALTECH reader: LicenseCard processed, existing license found on the reader, no additional license assigned.


If you present a LicenseCard Standard to a reader with an existing SE license, an additional license will be assigned to the reader.

Error prevention & troubleshooting

Avoid interruptions

To avoid interruptions, keep the card in front of the reader until the yellow LED turns off. Otherwise, no license will be assigned.

Error signaling

If the reader's LED turns red or doesn't respond at all, please refer to our troubleshooting guide.