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Set up readers for Mobile ID

To set up readers for Mobile ID, you need to:

  • Enable Mobile ID in the reader configuration
  • Update the reader firmware to 1100 v2.06 or above

Prepare configuration

  1. Download the configuration component Autoread BALTECH Mobile ID (for Beta Testers).

  2. Open BALTECH ConfigEditor.
    If you haven't installed it yet, you can download it here as part of BALTECH ToolSuite.

  3. Create a configuration for your project.
    If you already have a configuration, create a new version.

  4. Click the Plus icon > Import... and select the component downloaded in step 1.

    Screenshot: Import button in BALTECH ConfigEditor

Enter encryption key

In the configuration, you specify the encryption key from your Mobile ID account, so readers can communicate with your users' apps.

To enter the encryption key:

  1. Log in to your admin account in Mobile ID Manager.

  2. If you have multiple projects, make sure the desired one is open.

    How do I switch projects?

    Click the arrow next to the project name at the top.

    Switch projects in BALTECH Mobile ID Manager

  3. Go to Settings.

  4. Copy the Encryption key to the clipboard.

    Screenshot: Copy encryption key displayed in BALTECH Mobile ID Manager

  5. In ConfigEditor, paste they key into the Encryption Key field.

    Screenshot: Encryption key for a BALTECH Mobile ID project entered in the reader configuration

  6. Don't release & export the config yet - this will be done in the next step.

Package configuration with firmware

We recommend you package the configuration with the firmware. Thus, you can deploy them both in one go.

To package configuration with firmware:

  1. Download firmware 1100 v2.06 or above from our website.
  2. In Administrative Information, enable the option Package with Specific Firmware Version.
  3. Select the downloaded firmware file.

    Screenshot: Package Mobile ID Beta firmware version with configuration in BALTECH ConfigEditor

  4. Release and export the configuration.
    You'll receive a BEC2 file with both the configuration and the firmware that you can deploy to readers.

Deploy configuration and firmware

Depending on your readers' current firmware, you have the following options to deploy the BEC2 file:

To later deploy another firmware update, please see these how-tos for Wired and Wireless Upload.