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Create a new configuration from a template file (TEMPLATE.BALCFG format)

When you order a configuration template from us, follow the steps below to create a project configuration based on the template and deploy it to your readers.

Create configuration

  1. Open the TEMPLATE.BALCFG file in BALTECH ConfigEditor.
    If you haven't installed it yet, you can download it here as part of BALTECH ToolSuite.

  2. A new draft configuration opens.

  3. The left column of Your Workflow now guides you through configuration completion. You'll see which details you need to fill in (e.g. a key) and whether you need to add another component.

    Tip: Clicking an entry will highlight the respective setting.

    Screenshot: Enter the key in a configuration template in BALTECH ConfigEditor

  4. Review and adjust the default settings in all components.
    In Administrative Information make sure you set the options Support Legacy Firmware Versions and Package with Specific Firmware Version as needed.

  5. Test the Autoread configuration and LED/beeper.
    (Or if you're a developer using VHL, test the VHL file.)

  6. Test the entire configuration in a test environment.

    Please note that we cannot fully test the configuration for you.

  7. Release and export the configuration.

Deploy configuration

Deploy the configuration using one of the following methods depending on the file format:

For ACCESS200 readers, the installation process varies depending on the deployment method, so we recommend you check the entire process before deciding on a method: