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BALTECH file formats

The following file formats are currently in use for BALTECH configurations and firmware:


BALCFG is the editable configuration format. BALCFG files are also used to create ConfigCards in ConfigEditor.


When you release a configuration, a deployable file is exported in BEC2 or BEC format. Both are end-to-end encrypted to protect the sensitive project keys during transmission to other devices.

The differences are described below:

Format Description Supported features Requirements How do I get it?
BEC2 Default format as of ToolSuite v5.00
  • ToolSuite v4.26 or above
  • Firmware 1100 v2.00 or above (or custom firmware originally created as of November 2021).
Disable the option Support Legacy Firmware Versions (disabled by default for new and copied configurations as of ToolSuite v5.00)
BEC Legacy format
  • Any ToolSuite version
  • Any firmware version (incl. Ethernet and any custom firmware)
Enable the option Support Legacy Firmware Versions (enabled by default for configurations created with ToolSuite v4.26 or below)


BF2 is the format for firmware files. You can download the current stable versions, each in the latest bugfix version, as well as selected legacy versions. Other versions are available on request.

How can I deploy it?