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Changelog, technical limitations & known issues for BALTECH Mobile ID

Here, you can find the changelog as well as the known issues with the latest versions of the Mobile ID Manager and app.

Technical limitations

The app doesn't work when closed by the user or the operating system


The phone doesn't need to be unlocked for the Mobile ID app to work, but the app needs to be open in the background. Otherwise, it's technically not possible for the card reader to recognize the app.

If the app stops working, it may have been manually closed by the user or the operating system.

On Android, you can also close the app by tapping Close app in the respective notification:

Screenshot: Notification indicating that BALTECH Mobile ID app is automatically kept open

Reopen the app.

On iPhones, an Apple Wallet authentication prompt may be displayed


Users who keep debit or credit cards in Apple Wallet may be prompted to authenticate with Wallet when presenting their phones to a card reader. This is because card readers not only communicate via Bluetooth (which is needed for the Mobile ID app), but also via NFC (Near Field Communication). NFC is needed to read physical ID cards, but this is also the technology on which Apple Wallet is based.

You can safely ignore this prompt. Mobile ID and Apple Wallet do not interfere with each other's functionality and safety.

Known Issues

Users who delete their apps are still displayed as Active in Mobile ID Manager


When a user resets their app, the user is removed from the list in Mobile ID Manager. However, if the user doesn't reset the app, but deletes it instead, it's technically not possible to notify Mobile ID Manager about this. Thus, Mobile ID Manager keeps displaying the user as Active.

To remove the user from the list, delete them in Mobile ID Manager. The user will first be displayed as Deletion pending, but will be removed after 24 hours. If you want to re-invite the user, use the Resend invitation option.

Mobile ID Manager being down for > 24 h will temporarily cause apps to stop working


If Mobile ID Manager is down for more than 24 hours, all Mobile ID apps will be temporarily disabled. The reason is that each app needs to contact the server every 24 hours to check if it still has permissions, or if an admin has deleted the user and revoked permissions in the meantime.

We recommend physical ID cards as a backup. As soon as Mobile ID Manager is up and running again, apps will be enabled again.

Changelog for the Mobile ID app

Please refer to the App Store or Google Play Store respectively.

Changelog for Mobile ID Manager

1.00.00 (XXX)


  • You can now delete projects you're an admin of.

  • Users who have reset their app are no longer removed from the list, but are assigned the new status Reset. The admin no longer receives notification e-mails.

Bug fixes:

  • If on-premises environment variables are not or incorrectly configured, you'll now get more legible error messages.

  • Minor UI improvements

0.04.00 (2024-05-17)


  • An on-premises version of Mobile ID Manager is now available.

  • You can now use Mobile ID with self-service registration, users activate the app via a generic QR code and then self-register with the host system.

  • Thanks to self-service registration, the quick trial of the app has become a lot easier.

  • The user interface has been improved, and it now works properly on tablets as well.

  • In Settings, the Support toggle has been replaced with the Help improve Mobile ID toggle. Here you can not only specify whether support requests are forwarded, but also whether anonymous statistics are shared with us.

Bug fixes:

  • Minor performance and stability improvements

  • Other minor bug fixes

0.03.00 (2024-03-20)


  • Accounts are no longer created per project, but per admin.

  • You can create your admin account yourself and reset your password if needed.

  • Within your account, you can create multiple projects and invite others as additional admins.

  • The user list now refreshes automatically, e.g. when a user's status changes or another admin makes edits.

  • For security reasons, resending an invitation to an already active user now immediately revokes permissions from their currently active app.

  • Invitation e-mails now include a QR code to download the Android version of the app.

  • E-mails now include the project name where relevant.

Bug fixes:

  • When editing an invited user's e-mail address or an active user's ID, Mobile ID Manager now informs you of what happens next, i.e. that an invitation will be resent to the new e-mail or the ID will be updated in the app, respectively.

  • The browser mistakenly offered to save the project's encrpytion key as a password. This prompt is no longer displayed.

  • Improvements of several help texts and error messages

  • Other minor bug fixes

0.02.00 (2023-11-30)


  • You can now Auto-sync user data with your access control system.

  • You can now manually add users in bulk via CSV import.

  • You can now resend an invitation if the previous invitation was lost or a user wants to change phones.

  • You can now edit users whose data has changed.

  • When deleting a user is completed and permissions are revoked from their app, you and the user are now notified via e-mail.

  • When a user resets their app, you are now notified via e-mail.

  • In empty, new projects, the Users section now shows an overview of the steps to get Mobile ID up and running.

  • Every ID and e-mail address can only be used for 1 user.

Bug fixes:

  • QR codes in invitation e-mails are now displayed reliably accross e-mail clients.

  • Other minor bug fixes

0.01.01 (2023-08-14)

  • Initial beta release