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State specification for Ethernet readers

State diagrams


Overview of states for a BALTECH Ethernet reader

Detail view "Obtaining IP address"

States of a BALTECH Ethernet reader while trying to obtain an IP address

Detail view "Searching for host"

This applies to "host as server" implementation mode only.

States of a BALTECH Ethernet reader while searching for a host to connect to

LED state indication

State Description LED Host as client Host as server
BOOTED Powered up successfully
No hardware errors
Solid orange
Short beep (100 ms)
LINK_CHANGE Ethernet cable connected to/disconnected from either of the 2 ports Solid orange X X
NO_DHCP_YET Reader has been waiting for a DHCP address for > 5 sec 1 green blink X X
NO_HOST_YET Reader has been waiting for a UDP introspection packet for > 5 sec 2 green blinks X
MISSING_LINK Neither network nor device port linked 1 red blink X X
UDPINTRO_CONNECT_FAILED Host found via UDP introspection, but connection attempt failed 2 red blinks X
HOST_CONNECT_FAILED Host found in the configuration's host interface component, but connection attempt failed 3 red blinks X
IP_ADDR_CONFLICT Obtained IP address (static or via DHCP) is claimed by another device 4 red blinks X X
MAINTENANCE_MODE Only device port is linked; reader is in maintenance mode Red blink, green blink X X
AUTOREAD_ACTIVATED Connection between host and reader established
Reader is ready to scan for cards autonomously
Solid green Only in Autoread or VHL & Autoread mode X

Successful startup

If the reader starts up successfully, you will only see the indication of

  • BOOTED (solid orange)
  • AUTOREAD_ACTIVATED (solid green)

    AUTOREAD_ACTIVATED only applies to readers operating in Autoread or VHL & Autoread mode. This is mandatory for "host as server", but optional for "host as client" implementation mode.

This startup flow implies the following:

  • Network cable is already plugged in.
  • Obtaining an IP address doesn't take longer than 5 sec (otherwise, you'll see NO_DHCP_YET).
  • Searching for a host doesn't take longer than 5 sec (otherwise, you'll see NO_HOST_YET).

Error states

    This state will persist until the address conflict has been solved externally.

  • HOST_CONNECT_FAILED/UDPINTRO_CONNECT_FAILED: While in this state, the reader keeps trying to connect to the host. The state will persist until a host connection has been established.

For more details on errors and troubleshooting, please see our troubleshooting guide.