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Changelog for firmware 1100 v2.05

2.05.01 (2023-03-21)

  • On ID-engine Z product variants 10115-901-01 and 10117-901-01 running v2.05.00, firmware updates failed, rendering the device permanently defective.

  • On ID-engine Z product variants 12115-xxx-xx and 12117-xxx-xx, multiple and incorrect readings of HITAG cards could occur since v2.05.00.

2.05.00 (2023-03-03)

This version also includes all features and bugfixes of the stable version v2.03 up to and including v2.03.03.


  • On readers operating in Autoread mode, you can now disable individual maintenance functions cards, e.g. LicenseCards or ConfigCards, or maintenance functions via the NFC interface. To do so, you can use the new configuration value MaintenanceFunctionFilter.

  • Using the new Lic.ReadLicCard command, you can now read and evaluate LicenseCards, even if the reader doesn't operate in Autoread mode.

  • When a LicenseCard is presented, but that license type is not supported by the reader hardware or firmware, the reader now emits a specific signal pattern.

  • On ACCESS200 readers equipped with a Prox license for HID Prox, Indala, or Keri cards, the Wiegand interface is no longer disabled.

  • Added support for configuration files in BEC2 format that are exported from ConfigEditor without a reader connected to the PC.

    Note: This export functionality is only available in certain custom ToolSuite versions.

  • Activated power-saving measures for the RF antenna to significantly reduce the reader's power consumption. These measures have no impact on the reader's behavior. The specific savings depend on the card type used.

Bug fixes

  • When the block size of an ISO 15693 card is changed using a static VHL file, this changed block size is no longer implicitly applied when subsequently accessing the card using a different static or dynamic VHL file. In addition, you can now change the block size when creating a dynamic VHL file with VHL.Setup.

  • ID-engine Z product variants 12115-xxx-xx and 12117-xxx-xx failed to read HITAG 1/2/S, EM4205, and Cotag cards after approximately 7,000 readings.