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ACCESS200 Siedle integration

For integration into a Siedle component, ACCESS200 is available as a potted module without the housing.

Closing the tamper switch

In the case of housed readers, the base part of the housing serves to close the tamper switch. When using the potted module, you'll need to close the tamper switch with a magnet.

We recommend the bar magnet ALNICO 500 3,2X3,2X19,1 manufacturer no. 4003004018.

Where to place the magnet

  • If you don't want to use the tamper alarm, glue the magnet directly onto the reed contact, highlighted in the following image:

    BALTECH ACCESS200 module for Siedle integration with reed contact highlighted

  • If you want to use the tamper alarm, fix the magnet inside the Siedle component, so that

    • the magnet and the reed contact directly face each other.
    • the distance between magnet and contact is 5 mm or less.