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Review assigned numbers in Card Formatter log

Card Formatter creates a log in CSV format for each job file. You can find the log at the path specified when ordering the job file. If you didn't specify a path, the log is created in the same folder as the job file.

The log contains an entry for each formatted card. Entries consist of the following comma-separated values:

  • Timestamp: YYYY-MM-DD hh🇲🇲ss.SSSSSS
  • Number: Assigned project number in decimal format
  • UID: Card's serial number in hexadecimal format

To process the log content further, you can import the CSV file into a spreadsheet application such as MS Excel. For more details on how the import works, please refer to this MS Office help article.

MS Excel won't recognize the timestamp as a time value.

BALTECH Card Formatter log opened in a text editor