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Edit a Mobile ID user

You can edit all the data of a user whose status is Active or Invitation sent.

For projects with many users and frequent data changes, you may want to set up Auto-sync instead.

To edit a user:

  1. Log in to your admin account in Mobile ID Manager.
  2. If you have multiple projects, make sure the desired one is open.

    How do I switch projects?

    Click the arrow next to the project name at the top.

    Switch projects in BALTECH Mobile ID Manager

  3. In the Users section, click 3 dots vertical icon > Edit at the right of the user.

    Edit user menu item in BALTECH Mobile ID Manager

  4. Edit the user data as needed.

    Screenshot: Edit a user in BALTECH Mobile ID Manager

What happens next?

  • The user data displayed in Mobile ID Manager will be updated.
  • If you've changed the e-mail address of a user with status Invitation sent, they'll receive another invitation e-mail to the new address.
  • If you've changed the ID of a user with status Active, the ID stored in the user's existing app will be updated. This may take up to 24 hours.